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Pillow Talk with Good Grit Magazine

Writing for Good Grit Magazine, Liesel Schmidt tells our story in such a powerful way that we must share it with our community. In her own words:

Pillow Talk with Good Grit Magazine

Pandora de Balthazar in Good Grit Magazine

The first time I met Pandora, she told me to get in bed. And then she made me cry. Not something one usually does in an interview—at least not when you’re the one conducting the interview—but her command that I lie down left no room for argument.

And so, into bed I crawled, unsure of what my time in a bed could possibly accomplish, other than making me self-conscious and feeling more than just a little bit silly. Not to mention extremely aware of the fact that I was fully clothed in street wear, ambling up and into sumptuous sheets and comforters that were pristine and white and—if I’d been pressed to wager a guess—came with a price tag that would have taken me more than a month’s worth of rent to pay for.

All of these facts, coupled by my sudden flow of emotion, was both unexpected and slightly unnerving; after all, I’m a professional, and bawling like a baby isn’t exactly what one would consider professional behavior.

Rather than question it or criticize, however, Pandora simply reached out to take my hand in hers and spoke softly to me, encouraging me to let it out, to relax and just rest. To let my body and my mind and my soul be comforted by my surroundings. It was something I needed to hear, having been wound so tightly for so long that relaxing seemed a foreign concept. Peace felt elusive to me; and yet being in this bed, this sanctuary, seemed to give me release. And that was when I knew that this was Pandora’s magic.

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