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About Our Down

We are experts at advising designers, architects and hoteliers as to the right bedding to give clients and guests the best sleep experience. We've been sourcing the best down in the world for decades so reach out to us if you would like to understand why all down is not created equal!


Goose feathers and down are nature’s luxurious natural insulators. They are virtually as light as air and conform to the body for maximum insulating effect. Down adjusts to your body temperature and, even in summer, breathes to regulate your body temperature. The softness and flexibility will cocoon your body as no blanket can, while the down and feather pillow gently cradles the head with down softness and feather springiness for support. We use only the best Hungarian goose down.

Pandora de Balthazar Hungarian goose down



Not only weight should be used as a judge of a down product. Loft, the amount of insulating power you get per ounce, is measured by compressing down in a cylinder under controlled conditions and measuring the amount of expansion after 72 hours: the fill power. The more resilient, the better the down will insulate, and the better it will feel. The Hungarian pusztas, cool weather, encourages geese to produce down with maximum insulating capacity. The colder the climate, the larger the down clusters. The larger the clusters, the better the down will insulate.



Careful hand gathering allows selection of the finest down, separating it from inferior material from the start. Such high-quality gathering is found in only a few places around the world, and in Hungary, it is guaranteed. After gathering, our down is washed and rinsed in the purest water available six to seven times, sterilized, sorted, tested and graded to ensure the highest quality product that is as allergy free as possible. The tight weave of our 350-thread-count down-proof cotton ticking also provides an effective barrier against dust mites, further reducing allergy symptoms.

When your down products first arrive, please allow them to air out for a couple days to freshen them. It is nearly impossible to eliminate all odors from natural products, though we certainly give it our best efforts.