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We at Pandora de Balthazár bring the past to life, reinventing treasured works of art into everyday luxuries for our clients. We can proudly make this proclamation because we are a company with custom at our core. By enhancing original textiles in new and exciting ways, we are preserving a culture and a history that we thoughtfully recycle for today’s busy and active lifestyles.

Antique Fabric Made this decorative Pillow

How fully is the transforming abilities of our customization? We turn antique textiles into contemporary treasures with an emphasis on clean living due to the fact that the time-honored materials we use as the foundations of the designs are machine washable or can be steam-cleaned. This surprises so many of our new clients, who have believed that cleaning such textiles was difficult or impossible for the mere neophyte who is likely time-challenged and may have allergy issues that would make beautiful vintage pieces less attractive.

Pandora de Balthazar Custom Designs on Textiles

What we are so thrilled to teach those who would lean towards antiques stylistically is that these are organically made fabrics that breathe to reduce dust and mold possibilities; that they are highly usable on a daily basis, even for families with children, muddy cleats and dogs! Prone to travel? No worries: these beauties we remake from old-world fabrics make perfect new-world travel companions, resting as comfortably in your suitcases as your favorite pair of shoes!

It’s no wonder our loyal clientele champions the fact that we think outside the box, as we help our customers to see options for using linens in unique and different ways. Just because a textile began its life as a tablecloth, for example, doesn’t mean it can’t become a beautiful bedroom canopy. We have even repurposed a woman’s heirloom wedding dress into a tablecloth for the cake table at her niece’s wedding!

Pandora de Balthazar Custom Designs Pillows

We source antique hand-loomed linen and process it for both our in-house projects and for designers. This is a laborious process because the fabric must be soaked for days; then washed, ironed and brushed until it becomes incredibly soft. The end result is a beautiful and versatile linen to use as material for a new creation. And though it is surprisingly soft, it is as sturdy as fabrics come—ready for new lives as bedcovers, bed skirts, monogrammed pillow shams, draperies, slipcovers, and any other product you can dream up.

Our specialty is beautifying these materials by adding embroidery, appliqué or overlay of lace and other additional details to make each creation fully original. We turn simple pillow cases or shams into veritable works of art; we take custom-sewn, deep pocket sheets made from Italian cotton in a choice of 180 colors and personalize them so that each time you slip into bed, you celebrate that you are living a life of refined style. There is virtually nothing we can’t make more luxurious—from fine tablecloths to lace window treatments and sumptuous draperies to Roman shades—each design imagined and executed especially for its new owner. Allow us to help you bring your dream to life, won’t you?