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Laundry Instructions

Pandora de Balthazar fine antique linens


We provide a full laundry and restoration service for all linens and down purchased from us. Contact us if you are interested in inquiring about our prices, as we are experts at taking care of textiles and down. This includes antique textiles. We have successfully removed red wine and candle wax from many priceless items that could have been lost to their owners had we not been able to treat them and return them to a presentable condition.

If you would like to launder your linens at home, we sell a special Vintage Linen Soak, which is the same that we use on our collection and everyday linens. It is highly concentrated and easy to use, whether you are machine- or hand-washing your most fragile items, such as lingerie, hosiery, fine linens and antiques. The 100% natural lavender scent is fresh and fragrant, and it is designed to remove wine, tomato and most food stains. It also removes the age stains and makes your yellowed linens white without damaging your fabrics. Combined with our Lavender Linen Spray, made by hand from our sumptuous lavender oil, these products are perfect to ease you into a great night of sleep.


Pandora de Balthazar Fine Linen Care


We recommend keeping a minimum of three sets of linens for your bed (however six to twelve is better). “Turn” your linens by placing fresh linen on the bed and the newly laundered linen on the bottom of the linen stack, so they are rotated and allowed to breathe. 

Our Italian 600- and 1000-thread-count sheets and shams are among our most popular products and, though they likely have the most luxurious hand you will feel in bedding, they are easy to maintain. Simply machine wash and dry them on a delicate setting in warm water. Dry in dryer on low heat, or, if you want to keep them viable for a lifetime, line-dry them—shake them and smooth them afterwards, then iron them for that crisp feel you’ll love.

Launder linens frequently: at least twice a week for bed linens, and at least twice a year for lace panels and antiques. Machine wash linens using a delicate cycle, very little detergent, and a double rinse. Soak very delicate pieces first and only hand wash them. Use a linen soak for stains instead of bleach. In fact, we highly recommend our linen soak about every other month; it is a conditioning treatment for the linens that will keep them from yellowing and help them to stay that crisp white we all love.

Pandora de Balthazar Vintage Linen Soak

If you must store linens long term, store them without starch or sizing and preferably un-ironed. Put them on hangars, never in plastic bags or on wooden shelves. Roll them in old linen if storing in a chest or cedar cabinet to keep the oil from penetrating them. This will keep all your linens supple. 


Our Hungarian Goose Down bedding is made with a superior quality Hungarian goose down and feathers encased in a special down proof ticking. It is machine washable using the gentle or hand wash cycle with a gentle detergent. After years of use, your down may lose its loft, and when this happens, we can add more down to your pillow or duvet and replace the ticking as needed.

Laundering down pillows


  1. Use a large washing machine, front loader or top loader without center agitator
  2. Use warm water, set to delicate cycle and soak thoroughly, rinsing at least twice
  3. Use mild detergent and be sure it is properly diluted


  1. Air dry outside if possible or use low or medium heat in a large dryer
  2. Use dryer ball or clean tennis ball to help fluff the down, or it is ideal to remove and shake every 60 minutes
  3. Be sure it is completely dry inside and out – especially important for pillows
  4. Be prepared for an estimated drying time of 2 to 6 hours, depending the capacity of the dryer.


  1. Wrap in a sheet to keep it fluffy and breathable