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Ready for Round Top

The Pandora de Balthazár home at Round Top. Image by Jana Perenchio.


The amount of effort it takes for us to stage our presence in the Arbor Antiques venue at the Round Top Antiques Fair every spring and fall is Herculean. The custom-built tent me call home while we’re there is a 2,100-square-foot pavilion with flooring and air conditioning that constitutes our Round Top road show. Within this environment that travels with us, we construct four bedrooms and a variety of areas where visitors can try our handmade lavender creams; sample our lavender linen spray; touch antique linens, fine laces, and museum-quality textiles; and learn about our primitive linen collections from the 17th- to 19th-centuries.

The Pandora de Balthazár Dream Bedroom

One of the highlights of our Pandora de Balthazár experience at Round Top is our “Dream Bedroom,” which is set up to illustrate how layered luxury bedding, decorative pillows, custom monogramming and heirloom linens can be combined to create atmospheres infused with beauty and wellness. Across the way, our “Adult Dream Room” features works-in-progress and finished projects that range in composition from Austro-Hungarian Empire textiles to hand-loomed bespoke bedding.


Our bespoke bedding accentuates our European Sleep System, all on view at Round Top. Image by Jana Perenchio. 

There is an important educational aspect to what we do when we’re at the fair, and this goes beyond having visitors climb into our beds so that they can learn about the healing aspects of our products. We share with everyone who is interested how our linens are created—and, surprising to so many, the fact that a large number of our antiques are washable, sustainable, environmentally friendly and all natural, which proves couture bedding doesn’t have to be out-of-reach for the busiest career person.

Ready for Round Top

Our mission, of course, is to help our clients build nurturing sleep environments that improve their lives. It’s simpler than everyone believes, thanks to the Hungarian goose down ergonomic pillows and bedding that makes up our European Sleep System (think of it as a sleep bed on steroids!). The breadth of our offerings is surprising to many stopping by—our high thread-count Italian sheeting and shams in 90 colors; our antique linen soak for removing tough stains from delicate washables; and our antique textiles that include sheeting, shams, lace draperies, mohair and needlepoint the tip of the proverbial iceberg.


Pandora de Balthazar and Toni Antal at Round Top Antiques Show


We often have people stop by who’ve heard of our laundry service for fine linens; and a fair number of newcomers find us for the custom work they’ve heard about. We have several ateliers creating custom headboards, slipcovers, hand-loomed linen bed skirts and tablecloths, bedcovers, pillow shams and draperies. We can also create, locate, enlarge, or adapt antique textiles to fit windows, doors, and beds and other furniture.


Pandora de Balthazar sources antique textiles from around the world

Pandora de Balthazár and Wellness

We’ve done our wellness research so don’t be shy about asking us questions you might have as to how to rest better. We take sleep deprivation very seriously and it has transformed the lives of so many of our loyal customers. Find us at Round Top and let us put you to bed! If you don’t attend but you travel to High Point Market, you will find us there, as well!

*All images by Jana Perenchio of Brown-Eyed Girl Photography.

The Pandora de Balthazár Diary and this post, Ready for Round Top, © Pandora de Balthazár, all rights reserved. Products mentioned in this and all posts can be purchased through our atelier and an array of our products are available on this site so we’d be thrilled if you’d take time to browse our collections. We also have a dynamic presence in the Arbor Antiques section of Round Top and during High Point Market. Be sure to bookmark our Calendar of Events page to keep up with all of our latest activities.


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