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Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

It has occurred to us recently that we at Pandora de Balthazár Lifestyle don’t do enough to honor the wonderful editors who tap our products for publication. We’re out to rectify this oversight today with this diary entry that features Devlin Smith, the editor of a number of Engaged Media’s magazines, including Cottage White and Romantic Homes.


Sweet Dreams at Home

Pandora de Balthazar featured in Cottage White Magazine


In the fall/winter 2016 issue of Cottage White, her editor’s letter warmly notes the onset of the colder months: “The days are getting shorter, the nights cooler, all signaling that the best place in the world to be is snuggled up at home. With all the energy you’ve put into crafting your dream cottage, it’s important to take the time to enjoy it.” Curling up on the sofa you’ve tapped after months of shopping, relishing a bath nestled within the spa-like atmosphere you’ve created, and spending a lazy Sunday in the bed you built an entire room around are sumptuous visuals she envisions.

In the feature in this issue titled “Sweet Dreams,” which includes our European Sleep System, she shares some savvy secrets about selecting the best building blocks for a luxurious bed. As you know, this is a subject near and dear to our hearts so we were beyond giddy when we saw how beautifully the piece was presented, the pert ruffles of our crisp white pillow shams filled with Hungarian goose down feeling particularly flirty on the page!  


European Sleep System featured Cottage White Magzine


Devlin takes readers through subjects relating to bed linens that can confuse and overwhelm those who are new to the luxury bedding market, such as which materials you should choose for the most nurturing sheets, what thread count will bring you the most sumptuous feel, how to decide which weave is most suited for your tactile personality, and how to care for your fine linens once you’ve purchased them. She adds tips for choosing blankets, and there’s a terrific sidebar about how to approach buying vintage linens, a subject we know a thing or two about here at Pandora de Balthazár Lifestyle!

Romantic Style at Home 

Pandora de Balthazar featured in Romantic Homes Magazine

In her feature in the February issue of Romantic Homes, Devlin introduced those of us she featured as “The Romantics” (we’ll answer that with a hearty “Hear, hear!”). We’re in excellent company in this piece, which includes the philosophy of a number of people who’ve built their businesses—at least in part—around romantic style, including our founder Pandora de Balthazár.


Romantic Homes features Pandora de Balthazar


We asked Devlin whether the fact that she enjoys learning about new and different sources for great linens or the wellness benefits of certain products is the key to making her content so engaging. She answers, “I simply enjoy getting to share information with readers and connecting them with a variety of talented designers and experts.” Her readers, as well as those of us whom she chooses to feature, are the fortunate beneficiaries of her drive to connect the dots!


Pandora de Balthazar in Romantic Homes


A Beautiful and Supportive Sleep Environment

Editor Devlin SmithWe'd like to thank Devlin for creating such nurturing content and we encourage you to take a look at these well-thought-out magazines by clicking on their hyperlinked names in the first paragraph of this post, the opportunity to subscribe just one more click-through on their site. We can’t wait to see the wonderful articles Devlin will create and/or edit next as we follow this sharp editor’s career in publishing. If you already subscribe, let us know if you found any particular tip in either of these articles the most helpful, will you? We ask because we believe that when someone’s life is changed by learning about the wellness benefits of having a beautiful and supportive sleep environment, the world is a better place. In the words of the inimitable Annie Lennox, “Sweet dreams are made of this.”

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