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Trend Talk at Heimtextil

Beautiful deep blue fabric by Albatros at Heimtextil

As we listened to the forecasting experts at the Heimtextil tradeshow, everything we believe at Pandora de Balthazár was reflected back to us, making us thrilled to be on the leading edge of introducing wellness into the lives of our clients. “Sleep is such a priority and we are looking for more freshness in the bedroom,” said Lisa White of the World Global Style Network. “We see a trend toward making things warmer—having house warmings and inviting people into our homes with greater frequency because we feel safe there.”

 Lace at Heimtextil

She went on to say that hoteliers will be expected to make their properties feel more like residences if they want the Millennial to frequent their hotels. These are big statements considering the person speaking. Heimtextil taps only the world’s most forward-thinking agencies to be on their TrendTable team, a collective of six forms the tradeshow’s organizers ask to identify trends each year. “We do not merely tap into where consumers are going, rather we watch their behavior and predict in advance where they will go.” How astounding is that?

Experience Has Eclipsed Products

Fabric bundles by H&D Home at Heimtextil

It was two years ago when they noticed how, experience eclipsed products for the first time ever. “Doing now beats buying and if you are producing, you had better be producing very high-quality goods,” White explained. “There is an arc to what we are telling you here that will take time to hit the marketplace, but you will see it become stronger as the months pass.” They predict that during the Millennial era, the idea of a souvenir will shift—instead of a tchotchke, travelers will bring home a color they saw in a hotel they stayed in or some element from the feel of a room they inhabited along the way.

We are so heartened to hear this, as it is a long-held belief of ours that hoteliers could benefit profoundly from having our European Sleep System filled with Hungarian goose down in every room, the experience they would offer their guests would not only create a tremendous loyalty, it would change lives because their clientele would understand how much better they could be sleeping at home if they are not already turning off the lights to relax into our high-quality down at night.

Touring the Heimtextil Theme Park

Riotous color in Theme Park at Heimtextil 

Heike Dietz, the trend coordinator for Mess Frankfurt—the organization that produces the fair—took us on a comprehensive tour of the Theme Park, an extensive exhibition of all the materials that inspired them to identify the trends they have set. “Human beings are at the center of everything,” she said. “But we have curiosity and we are always craving inspiration. This means traveling has increased extensively during the past few years, and the more mobile we become, the farther we can wander without feeling we’ve lost touch with our world.”

They are predicting more romance will enter our interiors in the form of translucence, embroidery and ethnic motifs. “We’ll be exploring the cycle of life,” she remarked, “and we will be seeing life as more a work in progress than a drive to finish things quickly—for instance, there is going to be a continuing trend toward buying less but buying better. Quality will be at the forefront of our purchasing decisions.”

Fabric bundles by H&D Home at Heimtextil 

We would like to salute the Heimtextil organizers and the forecasters who take their time and use their brilliance to study human behavior, and to talk so intelligently about it. It’s almost eerie how closely their thoughts for 2017/2018 mirror our point of view when we source products. Only the best will do for our tribe!

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