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Eurostandard Hungarian Goose Feather Pillow

Eurostandard Hungarian Goose Feather Pillow
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This Eurostandard Hungarian goose feather pillow is our best-selling feather pillow, as it conforms to the body as a firm sleeping pillow, boxed upholstered cushions, bolsters and decorative pillows. Why? Our machine washable, 100% Hungarian goose feather fill has a stronger rebound and lighter weight compared to other feather pillows. It is strong and continuously supportive, as it has been originally designed for the athletic/broader figure, and/or for those who need the firmest infrastructure due to health concerns, such as reflux or esophageal disease. We recommend this pillow for those who desire to sleep more elevated and need the best support for the upper body, neck and shoulders.

Dimensions: Eurostandard 27" x 35"

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