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Baby or Toddler's Goose Down Duvet
Baby or Toddler's Goose Down Duvet

Baby or Toddler's Goose Down Duvet
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Our baby or toddler's Hungarian goose down duvet at 40" x 50" is cool and nurturing. The perfect blankie for coddling your child becomes every toddler's best friend. This luxurious summer weight, Baby down comforter is filled with the finest Hungarian Goose Down and designed to keep your child cool and comfy all night long. Its light warmth, the high quality of its down and the breathable shell make this one of our lightest and coziest down comforters in its class. It is generously covered in a 310 thread-count soft down-proof cotton shell. The high quality ticking shell and baffled-box construction makes this duvet machine washable, dryer safe and long lasting. The unique box-baffle design eliminates the shifting of the down in the comforter which keeps it evenly distributed even after laundering. 

- Filling is 20% Hungarian goose feather and 80% Hungarian goose down.

- 136 gr /5 oz

- Machine washable and dryer safe.

- Down proof ticking, 310 thread count, 100% Egyptian cotton.

- Down proof ticking solves problem of down quills sticking through the pillow.

- Top quality, large cluster, 100% Hungarian goose down.

-  So soft and nurturing that it creates the feeling of safety and security for your child all night long.

- Small enough to bundle into your child's backpack for nursery school nap time.

- The perfect nap-time blankie.

- Expertly designed construction allows for top performance and comfort, as well as easy care for everyday use.