Black White Floral Embroidered Antique Tablecloth Detail
Black White Floral Embroidered Antique Tablecloth
Black White Floral Embroidered Antique Tablecloth Pandora de Balthazar
Black White Floral Embroidered Antique Tablecloth Corner
Black White Floral Embroidered Antique Tablecloth Motif

Black White Floral Embroidered Antique Tablecloth
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This 46” X 40" antique-weave tablecloth showcases extraordinary embroidery on hand-loomed linen. The hem is finished with a solid black border. Complementing this heavier stitch is a more delicate scalloped black border; a thin, straight white border; and a fanciful scalloped border inset with French knots.

Black White Floral Antique Tablecloth

The stylized black and white flowers dance along the edge inside these as if they’ve been freed from the garden and have regally landed here! This fine specimen of handwork an example of how the art of embroidery was once taken so seriously.

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This is but one of many luxurious one-of-a-kind antiques we have in our Pensacola atelier, as we have row upon row of textiles that include everything from antique French heirloom linens and primitive Austro-Hungarian Empire textiles to Art Deco and Bohemian specimens—at last count two million one-of-a-kind linens of the finest quality.

If you see a beautiful specimen on this site that you would like to see in person and you cannot visit us but you are a regular at either Round Top or the High Point Market, we will happily bring it to one of these shows so you can see for yourself how remarkable it is. See our Calendar of Events page for fair dates and let us know if we can bring our sumptuousness to you.

The Art of the Embroidered

In their seminal book The Art of Embroidery, Marie Schuette and Sigrid Muller-Christensen, wrote, “It is a striking fact that in the development of embroidery there are no changes of materials or techniques which can be felt or interpreted as advances from a primitive to a later, more refined stage. On the other hand, we often find in early works a technical accomplishment and high standard of craftsmanship rarely attained in later times.” We see this so often as we source fine antique textiles for our customers, coming across true valuables so lovingly created as we do.