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Euro Twin Eidedown Duvet

Euro Twin Eidedown Duvet
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When only the best will do! Our exclusive, limited edition premier eiderdown comforter provides the most discerning sleeping pleasure. Even the most discriminating connoisseur of down sleeping duvets would agree that Pandora's choice of this fine silk cover, European Twin size eiderdown duvet is unsurpassable.

Our exclusive eiderdown duvet is made of the hand selected, finest down available in the entire world. Even a handful of this down creates a pleasant warmth, noticeable within seconds. Down's warmth retention and insulation capability are unique. Since there is only a very limited supply of down, they are extremely rare and particularly valuable. Anyone who has held eiderdown in the palm of their hand will know about its mysterious aura, about the wonderful sensation it produces on the skin.

The down is harvested by hand and is only ever collected from abandoned nests. The result is a thin comforter with a fantastic warmth to weight ratio. This Eider down duvet's warmth retention and insulation capability is unique. Because of its interlocking structure, fill power is not a relevant measurement of eiderdown quality. Eiderdown has a cachet with Europeans as being the best quality of down and yet there are only about 2,000 kilos available in the world market each year. This is because the ducks pluck their own down in the breeding season to feather their nest and keep the eggs warm. Other down is a byproduct of domestic ducks and geese raised for meat, but eider ducks are protected from commercial harvesting so the only supply is the down from their abandoned nests. This is collected and picked clean by hand and the supply is very limited, resulting in a very high cost.

Note:  custom sizes available, inquire: info@pandoradebalthazar.com

Size: 54x78"

Fill: Premium Eider down 416gr

Ticking: Ivory ticking, 100% silk satin jacquard.