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Flora and Fauna French Aubusson Lambrequins
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This pair of early 19th-century French Aubusson Lambrequins measure 67" x 88" and haveh an inside drop of 47" tall x 35" wide. The top to opening at center measures 21 ½” and the top to opening at the sides measures 19”.

French Aubusson Lambrequins

They are sold only as a pair. The first tapestry panel features a stork and fall hunting landscape, while the second panel has a monkey riding the dragon fish, or dolphin as they are sometimes called, with a castle in the background. The stories show the spoils of sea and land. We believe these were made for a hunting lodge and that the Lambrequins would have surrounded the entrance or a pair of windows.

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Evolution of Lambrequins

This decorative style of drapery that embellishes the top of a window it surrounds is a type of Pelmet with elongated sides. Some are upholstered, while others are not. The word “Lambrequin” means “a short piece of decorative drapery hung over the top of a door or window, or draped from a shelf or mantelpiece” or “a piece of cloth covering the back of a medieval knight’s helmet, represented in heraldry as the mantling.” These elements date back to the 15th century when fabric festooned with trims, fringes and tassels decorating the bed was appropriated for window coverings.

In modern decorating, we call the treatment a valance, and most of us know these elements as paired down, the clean lines more fitting for contemporary styles that do not call for the visual layering of the past. We believe these fabulous tapestries layered over lace panels bring a chic panache that has a timeless appeal for the romantics among us, even those who prefer transitional interiors to traditional styles!