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Neckroll and Ruffled Cover
Neckroll and Ruffled Cover

Neckroll and Ruffled Cover
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We've paired our neckroll and neckroll covers to make the set easier for you to buy. One click and you're on your way to more support for your neck or knees! If you prefer a straight edge style, we have those, too!

Our Neckrolls come in two defining materials, both weighing 12 ounces and measuring 6”x18”: a Polyester Cotton version and a wool version. These small but powerful building blocks in our European Sleep System architecture benefit sleepers by being critical supports behind the neck, shoulders and the knees (the latter two particularly beneficial when sitting upright in bed reading or watching television.

We have two options for our ruffled neckroll covers: in 600TC and 1000TC, both in 100% Egyptian cotton in ivory and white are Made in Italy. They have a zipper closure with a ruffled finish at the ends. We recommend 2 per neckroll to make laundering easier, and both of these can be used with both the polyester and wool neckrolls. Both measure 6” x 18” and covers a small but important piece in our European Sleep System.

We offer a full suite of services where monogramming is concerned, perfect for our personalizing the ends of our 600TC 100% Egyptian cotton neckroll cover—from standard letter styles to fully customized designs. We also offer laundry marks to set your sheets apart—your initials are one of the most unique things about you, after all! New designs and creations for embroidery will be charged a one-time design fee, which is lower if we've created the design previously and higher if the design is completely new. Prices for our laundry marks run from $10.00 to $139.50. Please contact us for more information if you do not find the information you need within the linked pages.