Standard Style Triple Letter Monogram
Standard Style Triple Letter Monogram

Standard Style Triple Letter Monogram
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Monogramming our fine linens with the Standard Style Triple Letter monogram gives each fine linen piece we sell an extra touch of gracefulness. Monogramming options include a 6”, an 8” and a 10” monogram on the front of the sham.

Our default positioning for the monogram on the front of the sham is an upper-third placement because this is the best “centered feel” for when a pillow stands on its bottom but we can also center the monogram in the middle of the sham so please indicate which you prefer in the drop-down menu above.

We will also need to know the three initials you would like to have embellished as well as the thread color you would like to choose so please select from the drop-down menus for these as well. You can see a facsimile of the colors in the images below.

This monogram offer indicates the size of the European Sleep System Sham and marks the laundry turn. For example: "EK1" means Euroking Sham, 1st laundry turn; and "EK2" represents the 2nd laundry turn. If you've ordered from us before, you will know which number is next in your list of laundry turns; if you haven't, start with Laundry Turn 1 in the drop-down menu.

*Note, pillows and shams are sold separately; this is the price for the monogram only.